About Us


Our Mission & Values


We support and inspire people and communities to smile while living their best life.


Our values guide everything we do and how we interact with all constituents in the dental industry. We strive to:

  • Accountability – we take ownership of our actions and decisions, and we have a high level of responsibility to deliver on our commitments.
  • Continuous Improvement – We are committed to lifelong learning and incorporate what we learn into our daily work. We are open to feedback to improve. We are strategic and thoughtful in making decisions for our business but adapt quickly to respond to our patient and team member needs.
  • Fun – We take our responsibilities seriously and do so in a unique, lively environment. This enables us to enjoy our work and deliver better experiences for our patients and team members.
  • Integrity – We consistently act honorably and ethically to foster an open and trusting environment.
  • Partnership – We genuinely care about our patients, doctors and our team members and collaborate effectively. We are present in our interactions and work together to reach the best solution.

What We Do

Elite Dental Partners (EDP) assists dental practices with the non-clinical challenges they face by providing industry proven non-clinical business management support services. As part of our commitment, we help our affiliated dentists to collectively achieve attractive business economies of scale resulting in improved efficiency and profitability while lowering operational risks.

Specifically, our experienced team can assist dentists in helping to manage payor relations, supplies and capital equipment procurement, non-clinical staffing and human resources, finance, marketing, and information technology systems. With the benefits of economies of scale and experience from professional management, dental offices are free to focus their attention on patient care.

Our affiliated dentists benefit from having a higher quality lifestyle with more time spent treating patients and less time spent dealing with non-clinical business administrative challenges. EDP offers practice owners an alternative to the traditional practice transition model. Our unique affiliation program offers practice owners the opportunity to affiliate with a collaborative and highly experienced team leading a growing Dental Support Organization.

Independent Practice Challenges

Elite Dental Partners is focused on aiding dental practice owners with the growing challenges they face by providing industry proven non-clinical business support services including:

Payor Relations

Payor dynamics including administration support, fee schedule management, and collections in different markets are more efficiently managed by larger group practices.

Supplies and Capital Equipment Procurement

Economies of scale provide significant advantages and lower costs to dental practices when procuring supplies and capital equipment collectively.

Staff Management, Finance, and Information Systems

Many human resource, finance, and information systems functions can be more efficiently managed by larger group practices. By taking advantage of scale, industry best practices, and proven management executives, back-office functions can be streamlined thus allowing practices to focus on patient care.

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