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How We Help

Providing non-clinical support to help you do what you do best.

Private practice culture you want while getting the support you need.

At Elite Dental Partners, we understand that running your business while also trying to be the best dentist you can be is challenging. That’s why we focus on providing industry leading non-clinical support services to help you scale your business while focusing on the work you do best: taking care of your patients. See some of the services we provide below.

A dental assistant and dentist are shown working together.

Human Resources & Recruiting

Our human resources and recruiting function helps you attract and retain top talent.  We take care of developing and executing people strategies so you don’t have to.  From sourcing talented professionals, to administering our competitive benefits, to offering continuing training and development, our goal is to ensure all of our team members are smiling and living their best life! 

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Marketing & Advertising

With our industry proven support, you no longer have to worry about designing and implementing your own marketing and advertising campaigns. Our marketing team specializes in new patient acquisition strategies and existing patient nurturing tactics to establish loyalty and keep existing patients coming back to your office. We provide strong communication and welcome your partnership throughout the process.

A dentist collaborates with another dentist while talking about a display.

Information Technology

Our support tools, staff, and technology can seriously upgrade your practice. With the most current software and computers, we can help take your practice to the next level with tools such as:

  • Remote and on-site technical assistance
  • Backup, security, and redundant internet services
  • VOIP phone systems and analytics to boost customer experience
Two members of the support team smile and enjoy each others company.

Accounting & Payroll

Our billing team can improve your billing accuracy and payment timeliness through electronic claims submission, EFT payments, integrated insurance eligibility tools, and centralized payment posting support.  Once insurance has paid we’ll even collect on patient balances so your staff can focus on patient follow-ups and appointments.

Legal & Compliance

At the heart of EDP’s legal & Compliance team is ensuring an environment where there is fairness and team members feel empowered to do the right thing by their patients and team mates.  The team guides our health and safety efforts and brings integrity into our daily interactions with patients and team members.  The team at EDP understands the industry standards, regulations and government rules to prevent and detect violations which protects each employee and practice.

A receptionist helpfully walks a client through some paperwork.

Insurance & Credentialing

We take care of the insurance and help with credentialing that is needed to run your practice. Centralizing these tasks reduces office administrative work allowing your staff to focus on patient care, driving patient volume and answering office calls. By optimizing payment posting, fee scheduling accuracy and insurance verification, we help maximize revenue recovery and leakage reduction to improve payment timeliness and percentage of production collected. That means faster, more accurate, and less lost claims for you.

A dentist shows a dental assistant how one of their devices works.

Training & Education

Continuous improvement is a core value that drives us.  Every team member has access to world-class resources and opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally.  Through our strategic partnerships, we facilitate access to industry-leading continuing education, utilization of innovative technology and implementation of progressive clinical training programs.  As dentistry changes, our peer network of teams is capable of nimble adaptation as we quickly analyze, operationalize and implement office-level efficiencies and best practices.

Various dental tools and equipment are shown on a dentist's cart.

Equipment & Supply Procurement

You can rest easy knowing Elite Dental Partners seeks alliances with the top suppliers and brands in dentistry.  We streamline supply ordering and take the guess work out of choosing which major equipment purchases to consider for your practice.  We hold our suppliers accountable to providing clinical products that ensure quality patient outcomes.  The technology we place within Elite dental practices are continuously evaluated and thoroughly proven to enhance the patient experience while simultaneously improving your clinical efficiency and capabilities.

We’re growing our team – let’s talk

When you join the Elite Dental Partners team, you’ll be able to focus more on clinical care and less on administrative work. Or, if you’re looking to continue your career, you’ll find a rewarding experience filled with opportunities to develop, grow and ultimately, succeed.